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"No parent wants to conduct an intervention for their child, but that is where my wife and I found ourselves with our oldest daughter.  We were so fortunate to find Rachael, who not only coached us leading up to the intervention, but was such a comforting presence in our home during the intervention.  Rachael's experience in this arena is evident and having her with us made the entire process easier for all of us. 

Our daughter bonded with Rachael quickly as they traveled to the rehab location.  The fact that Rachael has lived through her own intervention and was able to speak to our daughter about how it helped changer her life, gave her instant credibility.

A sudden death in our family required our daughter to come home only a week into her rehabilitation. We called on Rachael once again to escort her home, stay with her throughout the weekend, and escort her back to treatment.  Rachael was a great emotional support for our daughter during that difficult time and we are so thankful she could support our family in that way. 

My family would highly recommend Rachael to help navigate these difficult situations. "

Mr. Williams, Chicago, IL

Mr. Williams, Chicago, IL

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