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Your Crisis Concierge

Rachael Messaros, Certified Intervention Professional

Having confronted my own battles with mental health and substance use, I eventually uncovered the path to recovery. This deeply personal journey ignited within me a commitment to actively contribute to the field of mental health, guiding and supporting individuals on their quest for wellness.

In alignment with this commitment, I founded The WellBeing Corp, an organization devoted to offering expert guidance to families navigating crises and providing tailored services to individuals overcoming challenges. Along this journey, I earned certification as a professional interventionist.

In my role as your Crisis Concierge, I orchestrate interventions with empathy, oversee care, nurture effective communication among professionals, and provide steadfast emotional support to families confronting adversity. My mission is firmly grounded in the belief that everyone deserves a compassionate guide throughout their journey to well-being, and I am here to fulfill that role with authenticity and understanding.

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